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Daily Mass (Tues-Fri): 9 am • Saturday (Vigil): 5 pm • Sunday: 9:30 am and 11 am

This weekend, the weekend of June 20/21, we are back to the church for the weekend Masses, at our regular times: 5 p.m. on Saturdays and 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. There will be ushers to welcome you and guide you to your seats in the church. Here are some important things that you need to keep in mind.


Corpus Christi is Ready to Welcome You with a Few Requirements

We all know that COVID – 19 Pandemic is not over, and so

kindly pay attention to the following requirements.

  1. For those who are elderly or whose immune system is compromised, and those who are hesitant to return to church at this time, please know that the obligation to participate at Sunday Mass is suspended until further notice.
  2. Entrance is not permitted to those who have an elevated temperature or are suffering from cough, sputum production, shortness of breath, undue fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle aching, runny nose, chills involving shakes, loss of sense of taste or smell. If you are sick, you are kindly asked to stay home.
  3. If you have travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days, you are not to enter the church until you have completed the period of self-isolation.
  4. You are strongly encouraged to wear a mask upon entering the church.
  5. Everyone is to use the hand sanitizer provided upon entry to the church.
  6. Maintain a two-metre (six feet) distance at all times in the church and on church property.
  7. Only 30% of the seating capacity is permitted by government regulations at this time. With social distancing protocol in effect, we will not be able to reach that limit. We are also opening up the Parish Hall (Basement) to accommodate more people for Mass. Ushers will guide you to the available designated seats.




Celebration of the Holy Mass

During the celebration of Mass, you will notice a few changes to ensure everyone's safety as much as possible: 

  1. Admittance for the Mass will be on a first-come basis, so please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.
  2. The entrance procession will be simplified.
  3. There will be no hymnals in the pews; no communal singing during Mass at this time. 
  4. Only one lector will proclaim the readings before the Gospel, and the petitions.
  5. There will be no collection and presentation of bread and wine at the usual time. You will be invited to deposit your offering in the basket/receptacle as you leave the church.
  6. At communion time, the ushers will invite people to join the line when it is their turn. We will maintain the physical distancing, and when it is your turn at the front (2 meters from the priest or Eucharistic minister), you will respond “Amen” to the priest, remove your mask by the ear straps without touching the front of it, and move forward. The host will be placed on the palm of your hand, and then you move to the next station to consume the host before returning to your seat and replacing your mask.
  7. You will be directed by the ushers to come to Communion in a single line while maintaining physical distancing. Particular directions will be given before Communion.
  8. Communion can be received only in the hand at this time. Carefully extend your hands, placing one upon the other to receive the Body of Christ. Communion from the chalice is not permitted.
  9. Following the dismissal, you will be directed to leave the church, row by row, in order to maintain physical distancing using the North Exits from the Church and southwest Exit from the Parish Hall. No printed bulletins will be available.
  10. If you are able and willing to help the ushers, please let the office know and they can schedule you.
  11. The other volunteers that we need are people who can sanitize the areas that have been used during Mass. We can supply the sanitizers and gloves. If you are able to help in this way, please contact the office.

You are asked to refrain from socializing following Mass.

As we prepare for a return to church, do utilize the visual guide supplied by the Archdiocese and pay special attention to the two posters titled Getting ready for church.

Please Watch this Video-New Mass Protocol During COVID-19

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Fr. Faustino Kusoka


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