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Hello everybody!

While running around and gathering X-mass gifts for St Vincent de Paul and our parish members, it occurred to me we need a more efficient system of gift planning, i.e., matching the recipients with the gifts.  As always there are plenty of gifts for the little ones and very few appropriate ones for teenagers and the elderly.  I'd like to propose (an anonymous) "Adopt a child/adult" program where we would hang (first) names and age of people in need of a gift on a X-mass tree.  A parish member would then pick a name (or more) to get a gift.  Not only would gift-offering become a more personal experience, but it would offer a more effective matching of age-appropriate gifts.  



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Great idea - this was the norm at St Gertrude's in Oshawa and it worked extremely well. BTW - I have 6-7 gifts for kids about 3 -7 that I'll be bringing on Sunday before 9:30 mass.




Hi Anna,

That's a great idea and I've found that it works really well if the people on the list provide their suggestions/likes/dislikes so they don't end up with things they do not use or are not to their taste.

When the St. Vincent de Paul regroups in the fall we will put this into action.





Fr. Faustino Kusoka


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